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1. Concept

You can add Khmer language support to Android OS in 2 stages.

Stage 1: Basic Khmer Unicode support (Font rendering and Keyboard) to Android OS

– Modify Khmer Unicode font to work with Android OS, and Replace Android UI System fonts with Khmer Unicode support fonts.

– Add Khmer Unicode support to Android OS Unicode rendering engine  (libskia.so, libskiagl.so & LibWebcore.so)

– Create Khmer Keyboard layout and input method

For more details about Khmer Unicode & Andorid OS go to in depth section 4 below.

Stage 2: Translate Foreign language Andoid System files and Apps into Khmer language.

– decompile apk file to modify resource such as xml, jpg, png or smali code files (translate into Khmer)

– recompile the apk and put back into your phone.