Photo: TTPOD works well with Khmer Unicode lyric (lrc)

How to do it?

1./ Make sure you install Khmer Unicode font for your Android Device.

2./ Download TTPOD app for Google Play store,

3./ create LRC file with same name as your MP3 file using Notepad++. Ex. if you have a khmersong.mp3, then create khmersong.lrc

The simple format of LRC file look like this:


[00:12.00]Line 1 lyrics
[00:17.20]F: Line 2 lyrics
[00:24.00]Line 4 lyrics
[00:28.25]D: Line 5 lyrics
[00:29.02]Line 6 lyrics

4./ place the mp3 file and lrc file in the same folder on your Android device.

5./ Add the song to your TTPOD program

6./ In TTPOD preferences, Advance Preferences, turn the Desktop Lyric on. Desktop Lyric will display whenever you minimize the TTPOD app. (in the Photo, Desktop Lyric shows on the home screen)

Post your lyric here.