Finally, installing clockwork mod recovery on INQ Cloud Touch is possible.

ALL credit goes to sagara981 & orgwiz


Use flash_rom to push Clockwork mod recovery image to INQ Cloud Touch using command flash_image recovery ImageFileLocation.

The flash_rom must be installed in /system/bin.

What do you need?

1./ A rooted INQ Cloud Touch phone (install Z4root and click on permant root)
2./ Root Explorer or File Expert (download from the Android market Google Play)
3./ Terminal Emulator (download from the Android market Google Play)
4./ Download flash_Image  and recovery.img.tar.gz  Clockwork Mod Recovery Image file from the Internet.
5./ Download ROM Manager from the Android market Google Play (optional)

How to do it?

Now you should have a rooted INQ cloud touch and all the files listed above, so let get started!!!

1./ Put flash_image and extract recovery.img to your sdcard

(recovery.img from recovery.img.tar.gz downloaded from the Internet )

2./ Use File Expert to copy flash_image to /system/bin/

(note: Make sure that you enable Root Explorer feature in file explorer settings)

3./ run Terminal Emulator Type

su [press enter]
flash_image recovery /sdcard/recovery.img [press enter]

At this stage,  Clockwork mod recovery is installed on your INQ cloud touch phone.



su error: if you can’t use su, it means that your phone is not rooted or Superuser is not installed.

flash_boot error: flash_boot file is not copied to /System/bin properly or recovery.img file is not exist.

Try to run flash_boot from /system/bin using cd /system/bin command in Terminal Emulator.

Check your recovery.img file name and location again.


How to boot into Recovery mode?

Option 1:

1./ Switch your phone off.

2./ hold “i” ( physical info key on your INQ cloud touch phone) and Power buttons at the same time until you see the Clockwork mode recovery screen.  (fingers crossed ^o^)

Option 2:

1./ Download ROM Manager from Google Play (Android market)

2./ Run Rom Manager and select Reboot into Recovery

ROM Manager is a handy tool that you can use to backup and restore your ROM as well as quick boot into recovery mode.

How to use key buttons to operate Clockwork mod?

Hold “info” and Power buttons to boot into recovery mod (when phone is turned off)

Volume up: to move the selection up.

Volume down: to move the selection down.

Play/Pause key: to select an option from Clockwork mod menu. (if you don’t know where the play/pause key is, refer to your user manual or Google it)

All done!

Now you can flash or modify your INQ Cloud Touch ROM such as change boot animation, icons…… but make sure that you BACKUP your Rom before doing anything.

Have fun! ^o^